Between the Spreadsheets

The story of professional cyclist Christian Meier and his wife Amber, who leave their home in Canada choosing to settle in Girona in Spain and involves a seminal moment in 2014 on a Spanish beach that would begin their Couplepreneur journey together and so much exciting and recent growth.

Show Notes

In this episode we hear about how coffee brought Christian and Amber Meier together in 2006 when they met in Canada and how coffee has remained hugely significant in their lives. Christian’s professional cycling career took them to Europe where they decided to make Girona in Spain their home. 

It was a discussion and a seminal moment in 2014 on a Spanish beach – where Amber couldn’t carry on living the way they had and was considering returning to Canada - that would set them on a journey of discovery, change, fulfilment, joy, setbacks, learnings and so much more. Following this La Fabrica was born. 

They love what they do but in setting up the business together they know that they’ve needed resilience on another level to overcome the setbacks and together they have achieved this. They tell us how getting the right people has been one of the hardest things but so crucial to their business success. Authenticity runs deep for Christian and Amber and staying true to who you are as you will hear. 

This driven, engaging and inspiring Couplepreneur who have a passion for coffee, bikes, riding and hospitality have gone on to set up La Fabrica, The Service Course and Espresso Mafia and have expanded internationally to the UK and Norway in the last few months. Christian tells us how he wants the business to be one of the most relevant cycling brands in the world.

I loved meeting them recently and I was lucky enough to do this at their newly launched and very beautiful location in Wilmslow in Cheshire and hearing so much about their authenticity and how they are the motivation for one other.

They had launched just 2 weeks earlier and the team were hosting a dinner that night so you may hear champagne corks popping and lots of frivolity in the background and whilst we could have carried on talking for so much longer this was our cue to wrap things up and let the champagne flow. They have much to celebrate as you will hear from the interview and many exciting developments happening with the business.

A Couplepreneur to watch indeed. I hope you love listening as much as I did in producing this, our first Episode of the new Series.

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Throughout our conversation together we also talk about where they met in Canada and getting married just off Vancouver Island and I mention how I was close to there on Berry Island last year staying at Farewell Harbour - - a stunning location watching Orca and walking with Bears - you have to see it to believe it. And another Couplepreneur run business too. 

What is Between the Spreadsheets?

Tricia Bacon, founder of Couplepreneurs - a growing global community of couples who live together and run a business together - speaks to inspirational couples about just how they juggle work, life, love and everything in between.