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Today I had a chance to discuss all things hygiene with Laura and Danielle. They met 15 years ago at th hygiene schools and since then stayed friends and 12 months ago started Diamond Dental Hygiene Career Coaching. On this podcast we discuss: 

  • What holds most of the hygienists back? 
  • How to manage a toxic environment and when is the time to call quits?
  • How to build a nurturing Growth mindset?
  • What causes the burnout? 
  • Characters traits of a great dental hygienist? 
  • Does everyone need to be a leader? 
  • Some of the negatives of a dental hygiene profession during Covid
Danielle’s Bio & Laura’s Bio 

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Time Stamp: 

Danielle shares her burnouts and how she was able to grow personally and professionally during the pandemic. (2:52)
What caused the burnout? (5:02)
How do you know if your work environment is a toxic environment? (7:15)
How to deal with negative talk? (11:35
Lead by example, instilling a strong work ethic within the team, whether it be a dentist, hygienist, doctor, or office manager. (13:54)
The importance of being a solid team player. (16:30)
Creating a solution to the problem through coaching strategies with your clients. (21:39)
Laura explains how she helps her clients change their mindset so they can work more effectively. (23:04)
How can burnout be avoided? (25:40)
Laurie talks about the importance of cohesive harmony throughout work-life balance. (30:00)
importance of recognizing who you are authentically, as the same things won't work for everyone. (31:57)
How to design your life as a hygienist? (34:55)
Danielle shares the importance of confidence and not being afraid. (37:12)
The importance of repetition and timings. (39:34)
Where the growth happens from your failures. (44:04)
How to describe a great hygienist? (46:06)
Skills and character traits that hygienists are missing today. (47:58)
The importance of giving as well as receiving. (49:21)
What should dental assistants expect from you? (51:40)

What is ZenOne Podcast?

ZenOne Podcast is a place where we combine our 2 passions. One is to help improve dental practices through efficiency (think of streamlined process, organization, Zen in your office life) and interviewing interesting people.