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Join us on our short road trip to explore haunt spots of Oregon! We discuss legends, allegedly haunted places, and the dark history of Portland's Shanghai Tunnels.

Show Notes

Show notes:
Embark on a tour of places you can actually visit today in Oregon! Whether it is a legend about buried treasure or the underground tunnels of Portland, we walk you through the stories, legends, and history of these places that still breathe with undead life.

Disclaimer - all information gathered for this episode was via public access and not affiliated with AGHOST or Ross Allison.

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Join us as we divulge the haunted history of Seattle's spookiest places, and speak to our first hand paranormal experiences as investigators in Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma. Based in the heart of Pioneer Square, Spooked In Seattle houses our paranormal group, as well as haunted tours and a Museum of Death. Gather 'round the chilly Seattle underground and let us tell you real AGHOST stories.