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Derrick Reimer is the founder of SavvyCal, and co-host on the Art of Product podcast. We talk about what it takes to build a product in one of the most competitive markets there is, calendar scheduling, how Derrick has grown the business over the past few months and how his TinySeed funding has helped him scale.

Show Notes

Derrick Reimer is the founder of SavvyCal, a new approach to calendar scheduling and has grown to multiple thousands MRR since he launched it earlier in 2020. Derrick also co-founded Drip with Rob Walling in 2012, which was acquired by Leadpages in 2016. You might have heard Derrick on the Art of Product podcast with Tuple co-founder Ben Orenstein where they document their journey building their products.

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What we covered in this episode:
  • What is SavvyCal?
  • What problem is it trying to solve?
  • Why go into such a crowded market?
  • A nice market or crowded one?
  • The advantage of being a solo founder or small team vs larger competition
  • How long did Derrick build before launching the MVP?
  • How much growth has come from pre-existing audience?
  • What goes into a good Product Hunt launch?
  • When should Indie Hackers bring marketing support on?
  • What marketing tactics can you employ?
  • How does TinySeed funding work?
  • Should other founders look for this type of funding?
  • Art of Product podcast
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