Rocket Ship

In this episode, Henry Moulton, principal engineer at Yonder, shares the story of building the award-winning mobile app Yonder. He talks about the challenges working with private Apple and Google APIs as well as the technology stack of their React Native app. Henry also recaps his App.js talk about Maestro from 2023 and how AI is enabling developers to build even better products today. Tune in to hear what it takes to build outstanding apps with React Native!

Learn React Native -

Henry Moulton
  • React Native is usually a better choice for B2C apps than frameworks like Ionic
  • Expo EAS is a key component of shipping weekly app updates at Yonder
  • Google and Apple have private APIs for working with payments and credit cards
  • Maestro is the rising star of end-to-end testing in React Native
  • AI is not taking developer jobs, but makes every person capable of producing more and better ouput

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