ZenOne Podcast

Amanda is a Facility and Supply Manager  at Bubon Orthodontics, a group of 15 specialty locations in the Midwest with 60 staff members and most of them being with the company for almost 15 years. We cover so many different topics, from how they first started using ZenSupplies a few years ago , growth mindset , managing veteran employees and the mindset of bringing on board a young generation of dentists and dental assistants. Lilly, Amanda poppy, jumped into the conversation to help keep it light and fun!

Bio: Hi! My name is Amanda and I've been in the dental field for almost 20 years and have worked at a growing orthodontic practice in southeastern Wisconsin for the last 15 years.  I've done most things that you can think of in the dental field from assisting in different specialties like pedodontics, oral surgery, general, and more recently orthodontics, I've done billing and insurance correspondence, ordering, facility maintenance, and staff management.  I'm no expert, but experience has shown me a lot and this accidental career has served me well over the course of my life. 

What is ZenOne Podcast?

ZenOne Podcast is a place where we combine our 2 passions. One is to help improve dental practices through efficiency (think of streamlined process, organization, Zen in your office life) and interviewing interesting people.