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How do you wash a car without water? Join us in our second “Environmental Disruptors” episode where we talk to DJ Patterson, owner of EcoGreen, Oklahoma’s first and only “waterless” car detailing service, about how he built a business promoting sustainability and water conservation in a landlocked Midwestern state.

Show Notes

Only 3% of the world’s water resource is freshwater, yet the demands on this constrained and non-renewable resource is extraordinary and will continue to be for generations to come. Water scarcity and quality is just as much a problem in our own backyards as it is everywhere else. In today’s episode we will be exploring just one way to stop using water! 
We will be talking to DJ Patterson, a local water steward who founded Oklahoma’s first and only waterless car wash service, EcoGreen Mobile Detailing. A carwash is estimated to use between 80 to 140 gallons of water per wash. EcoGreen is not just avoiding the use, but is also preventing the release of harmful chemicals into waterways or the sewer system. 

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