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Enjoy this bonus resource, facilitated by Rochelle Mclaughlin, my guest co-host on episode 18 of OT Uncorked. We hope you use this guided meditation as a resource whenever you need to reset and recenter.

Show Notes

This meditation starts with a few moments of calming music, followed by a guided mindfulness meditation by Rochelle Mclaughlin. Please use this resource as often as you need to bring a sense of peace and calmness in your awareness of the present moment. 

What is OT Uncorked?

OT Uncorked is a podcast for wine-loving OTs, pairing wine and hot topics in occupational therapy. Hosted by Miranda Rennie and featuring guests from the profession, OT Uncorked was created to learn from people doing ordinary and extraordinary work across OT settings and share resources with other practitioners. Miranda is an OT who is passionate about providing holistic care for people with neurologic conditions. She is a small-town East Coaster living in Los Angeles, CA. Miranda hopes you will join her in uncorking hot topics and wine, discovering what’s new and relevant in the profession!