Becoming Bani Adam: Exploring Twelver-Shii Discussions on Human Ancestry - Mizan Institute

In this tenth and final episode, we will wrap up the discussion on human evolution and discuss further considerations to the subject. A few topics that will be touched on are questions with regards to consciousness which cannot be studied through empirical science as well as how the language of evolution can evoke a sense of godlessness. Finally, we will end with a discussion on the true purpose of human beings and how this discussion should not impact our faith and the important answers that Islam does give us.

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What is Becoming Bani Adam: Exploring Twelver-Shii Discussions on Human Ancestry - Mizan Institute?

“Becoming Bani Adam: Exploring Twelver-Shii Discussions on Human Ancestry” is a new podcast series which is an audiobook version of a long paper written by Ustadha Fatemah Meghji on the topic of human evolution in Twelver-Shii tradition with a focus on exegetical literature i.e. from tafsir. How does a person of faith grapple with evolution in today’s world? The audiobook is narrated by Br. Justin Mashouf and each episode includes an introduction by the author herself with a summary of previous episodes and at times, brief helpful explanations. Each episode spans between 10-20 minutes.