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This month’s mix from CANDY is perhaps her most subtle and intelligent yet. From the very first track you can feel emotion oozing from the tracks creating a sense of calm and gentle anticipation for what is to come.

Tim Englehardt – ‘Light the fire’ takes you by the hand and leads you into the dreamy world of progressive house that transitions us from one place to another effortlessly. ‘Lolita Express’ opens the door to some more percussion and groove as the mood starts to settle somewhere between pixie wonderland and the hypnotic rabbit hole Progressive fans love. Pig& Dan’s ‘Promised’ floats into Bedrock head honcho Digweed’s ‘Satelite’ takes over for some tech-infused solid 4/4 courtesy of the Oxia remix.

Softer progressive tones weave in and out beautifully from Australia’s ever-popular producer pairing GMJ & Matter who feature 3 times on the mix and provide washing warms synths and bubble basslines. It’s a wonderful mix of quiet emotions with an undercurrent of brooding urgency. Certainly another solid and confident outing from the first lady of Prog.

Show Notes

  1. Toh Imago - Nord Noir
  2. Tim Englehardt - Light the fire (Original mix)
  3. Hedén - Birds ov Paradise
  4. Budakid & Roslyn – Lolita Express - (Budakid Remix) 
  5. GMJ & Matter - Microclimate (Original Mix)
  6. Pig&Dan - Promised (Original Mix)
  7. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Satellite - (Oxia Remix) [Bedrock]
  8. GMJ & Matter - Distant Moments - (Original mix)
  9. Carl Craig – Dubfire & Kate Elsworth - Lotus - (Original Mix) 
  10. Thimble - Kalinka (Athoff Remix) 
  11. GMJ & Matter - Lost on Origin - (Original Mix)

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