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It’s not just about getting high, it’s about getting healthy with a wonderful plant. We’re all about education and entertainment on this trip.

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Show Notes

The Cannabis 101 Podcast is your guide through the legalization and consumption of cannabis in Canada and beyond. It’s not just about getting high, it’s about getting healthy. Catch Hour One on Monday and Hour two on Wednesday. 
David Wylie of the oz joins me each week to discuss the latest on This Week in Cannabis News. Things happen fast in the still developing cannabis industry and we’ll bring you the top stories. From billions to beverages and magazines oh my!! The 2019 fiscal year was even better for the cannabis industry than what was originally reported while a new company is looking to dominate the THC infused drink game in Canada. One company is listening to customers and budtenders instead of shareholders and the latest edition of the oz is ready to read!!! Get the latest news from the oz every day here
Malka Labell of the Green Generation Co brings the latest bud-biz-buzz on The Business of Cannabis. We discuss latest the latest innovations, regulations and anything else making some bud-biz-buzz. There are always trends in business and the cannabis industry is no different. Malka laid out what she thinks will be important and popular trends for 2021. Hemp is the hero we deserve and we discussed how hemp is finally being discussed among the clean tech culture and that's why it's our Change Maker and Malka went political in What It Means to be Green! Find out how Malka can help you here

The Cannabis Character is from the Cheech and Chong movie Nice Dreams, while the Cannabis Question is about what size you prefer to buy and the Weed Words of the Day were about giant joints and concentrates. 
You can hear full episodes and more at where you can sign up for The Weed Weekly and get in on our Friday giveaway, and you can watch full episodes, individual segments and product reviews on our YouTube channel. Thanks to all our partners like Stone Smiths’, you can find them here

What is The Cannabis 101 Podcast ?

Welcome to the Cannabis 101 Podcast, your guide through the legalization and consumption of cannabis in Canada and beyond. It's not just about getting high, it's about getting healthy with a wonderful plant.