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Here are 5 key takeaways from the interview with Adrian of Groundhogg:
  1. Groundhogg started as a plugin to help integrate Infusionsoft (now called Keep) with WordPress. It has evolved into a full-featured CRM and marketing automation platform for WordPress.
  2. Groundhogg is focused on flat-rate pricing with no “success tax,” unlike some CRM competitors that charge based on metrics like number of contacts.
  3. Self-hosting gives users control over their data. Adrian believes people are tired of getting “shafted” by SaaS providers in terms of pricing and potential data/account issues.
  4. Most people switching to Groundhogg are surprised by how comparable it is to HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, etc. despite being a WordPress plugin. The data integration across WordPress plugins is a key differentiator.
  5. Adrian is passionate about keeping Groundhogg self-hosted but is considering selective SaaS integrations in the future while still allowing self-hosting. An eventual exit is likely but he’d love to open a winery someday too.
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