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Philipp von Lamezan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Squake. 

Travel and transport are responsible for 20% of emissions worldwide, with the global population growing, this footprint is only going to increase in the next decade unless we do something about it now. 

Squake are advocating for short and long term change, by building a platform that makes sustainable travel and transport accessible to everyone. They do this by focusing on three main steps:

1.      Working with businesses to accurately calculate emissions, so consumers can understand the impact of their travel decisions.
2.      Reducing or avoiding emissions through alternative means or better modes of travel.
3.      Compensating for any remaining emissions by investing in carbon projects. 

In this episode Philipp explains more about sustainability in travel and what needs to change, his journey building Squake, the hardest part about being a Founder and his advice for hiring as a startup. 

  • 02.00: Travel and transport make up 20% of global emissions
  • 05.06: Changing consumer behaviour to minimise the impact 
  • 10.39: The pressures on businesses to change
  • 14.33: Transitioning to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in the future
  • 17.34: Squake overview
  • 23.46: Emission calculation, regulations and frameworks 
  • 26.42: Helping consumers minimise their impact
  • 33.30: Raising their Seed round, the good and the bad 
  • 37.11: The hardest part of the Founder’s role
  • 42.31: Early stage and engineer hiring advice 
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Philipp von Lamezan, CEO and Co-Founder of Squake. /

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