The Awesome Gnome Letter

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Sometimes it can be easy and tempting to want to indulge in those sweets. I hate to admit in March and April I indulged in regular milkshakes, root beer, fries, and more. The unfortunate side-effect is that my clothes started to feel constrained on me. Almost like The Hulk ready to burst forth! I have a family history of health problems, so I need to be careful. Since Thursday, I've been cutting back on the sweet treats.

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. I've had to cut back on certain hobbies to make room for work or other hobbies. Sometimes we can take on whatever project(s) we think we want to consume. What does your life scale say? Are you starting to tip it in a direction that isn't good for yourself?

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What is The Awesome Gnome Letter?

Each letter delivers an inspirational message on something that was meaningful to me this week.