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In episode #15, Nick Desai (host) speaks with Lee Shapiro, Managing Partner at 7wire Ventures. Lee was previously the Chief Financial Officer at Livongo Health. He is currently a Board Member of multiple companies, including: Click Therapeutics, Homethrive, Clover Health, & Senior Connect.

Show Notes

Today's Guest:  Lee Shapiro, Managing Partner at 7wire Ventures

In this episode, Nick Desai speaks with Lee about: 
  • Lee's background
  • The recent flurry of M&A in digital health
  • What's driving this activity? 
  • His thoughts on healthcare financing in 2022
  • Why big companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Best Buy (non-traditional healthcare companies) are making big purchases in healthcare infrastructure 
  • Which is more important? Team, traction or idea? 
  • ...and much more!
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