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Show Notes

"Let your purpose drive you, and your values guide you."

Gems like this is one of the reasons why I make sure to seek advice from Rommel Ng. Not only has he been through a lot in his entrepreneurial journey, but he has gone through it with a generous and empathetic  attitude of helping others rise up. It was no surprise that the moment the quarantine hit, Rommel was one of the first to hit me up to spread some positivity and encouragement. It's been busy but we finally found time to have a longer chat about how this pandemic has changed things for good and how one can best equip himself and his organization for the new normal. Lots of great practical advice here!

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The branding podcast featuring stories and lessons from entrepreneurs and brand builders, so you can get inspiration, insights, strategies and tactics as you create your own game-changing brand. Hosted by serial brand creator, entrepreneur, and founder of Antidote, Kendrick Co.