The 80its

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Will and Ray speak with television writer/producer Don Todd, who wrote (and much more) for 1985's "Misfits of Science" and has created, written and/or otherwise produced many popular TV shows in the decades since.

Show Notes

Will and Ray discuss current news related to 1980s media, including "Indiana Jones 5" and George Lucas vs. "Spaceballs." Then, the duo speaks with multi-hyphenate Don Todd, who began his career as a TV writer and producer in the 1980s, working on shows including "Misfits of Science" and "Alf." Don has since written, created and/or otherwise produced many popular shows since, including "Sleepy Hollow," "Samantha Who?" and "This is Us."

What is The 80its?

An objective defense of 1980s pop culture. From a couple of idiots.