Regular Programming

About Hackers Thinking about the term "hacker". Time to take it back to mean something rather down to earth, rather than a pedistal requiring years of C and a black hoodie?

What do airlines have against Erlang anyway?

There's also the mindset angle: the hacking mindset can be when exploring, versus when needing to solve a specific problem.

The discussion goes into labels one feels comfortable with, switching between different modes, and the ever present, ever hard to find dark matter developers.

Over time, labels can easily go bad in one way or another. But regardless of labels, we can all agree on duct tape and enthusiasm, right?

  • So security, very programming
  • Joy and playfulness
  • My mind goes off
  • Creative systems thinking
  • Think through as many eyes as possible
  • Many things are intended as complete packages
  • Handing you the fun bits
  • Things that provide you the entire world
  • Not very together-bashable
  • The media version of Vi
  • Creating SQL that you didn't intend
  • Mostly mindset
  • What happens in the outliers
  • Neutron programmers
  • The unsung programmers
  • Duct tape and enthusiasm

What is Regular Programming?

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