Sasha Sessions: A Team USA Podcast

Simon Sinek, thought leader and best selling author, joins Sasha on this week’s Sasha Sessions. He explains how he conceptualized his popular philosophy of “Start With Why.” Sasha and Simon discuss Sasha's own journey in retirement and how listeners can find their own why. Simon shares his definition of success and how he wants to see his movement grow over time.

Show Notes

Show Notes:
:55 – Who is Simon and how does it shape his work
2:21 – What started Simon onto his unique view of the world 
6:20 – How does someone start to find their why
10:42 – The theory behind his book The Infinite Game
18:52 – Where does our desire and uplifting of winners come from in our society
27:20 – Identity of leaders and placing your worth in your professional role 
30:37 – Finding your identity outside of your work
32:05 – Personal vs societal responsibility in establishing your why           
33:50 – How does Simon define success 
41:02 – Defining influences in Simon’s life
44:32 – What is Simon’s Olympic or Paralympic moment in life 

What is Sasha Sessions: A Team USA Podcast?

Exceptional individuals share the stories that shaped them, how they define identity, and the motivations, habits, and opportunities that led to personal reinvention. Guests feature athletes from all sports and backgrounds, whose accomplishments inspire millions on the Olympic & Paralympic stage, and people outside of sports, whose work has challenged how we think about the world today.