Dear Asian Americans

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Meet Rajiv Satyal on Episode 003 of Dear Asian Americans! Rajiv is a comedian, host, and speaker whose videos have amassed more than 50 million views and has performed stand-up comedy on all seven continents! Join us for our conversation as we learn how he navigated his childhood, academic, and early professional years in Ohio and his journey as a comedian.

Show Notes

Dear Asian Americans,

Continue telling your stories... Keep fighting for what you believe in... we live better than any group of people in the world in history. I think that we have the ability to hold onto our culture, I think that we have the ability to assimilate, and I think that with all the challenges that we face, every community faces challenges, we're at a point in time where it's better to be alive now, it doesn't seem like it sometimes, better than any time in history. We're living in, with all of its faults and flaws, the greatest nation on earth. And we're so privileged to have parents, generally that support us, if nothing else, siblings, camaraderie. And look at Jerry and Rajiv sitting here talking and having this conversation in the middle of the day when we probably should be working jobs as a lawyer and as a doctor, and we get to do this in Burbank while the sun is shining and do whatever we want. If that's not inspiration for you. I don't know what is.




Meet Rajiv Satyal on Episode 003 of Dear Asian Americans!

We celebrate Rajiv's decision to follow his dreams and his continued successes in his comedy and in speaking careers. And a big celebration for being the first ever to perform stand-up comedy on all seven continents!

We support his creative work like his "I am Indian" and "I am American" videos, which have brought smiles to so many around the world.

Rajiv inspires us to make a bold decision to choose happiness over expectation in living a life without regret.

Thank you so much to Rajiv for coming on the show and sharing his story with us.

Learn more and connect with Rajiv at 

What is Dear Asian Americans?

Dear Asian Americans,
Let's Celebrate. Let's Support. Let's Inspire each other.
Your Fellow Asian Americans