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In this second episode of the Ananas Podcast, Sven Almenning chats to Coleman’s Academy Founder, T.O.T.C. Dame Hall of Fame inductee and Australia’s first woman to take out Bartender of the Year at the Australian Liquor Industry Awards, Paige Aubort.

Show Notes

Sven and Paige dig deep on the mental and physical highs and lows of the industry as well as some of the challenges faced by women in hospitality.

We hope you enjoy and are inspired as much listening, as we were producing this!

What is Ananas?

Ananas is an online training and management platform for the hospitality industry. The Ananas Podcast is hosted by Sven Almenning, a well known entrepreneur and bar owner based in Sydney Australia. In this Podcast Sven talks to inspirational people in hospitality from all over the world with the aim of uncovering what it is they do to stand out from the rest and to achieve their success.