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Kamloops City Councillor Arjun Singh meets me for coffee to discuss the preforming arts centre and his perspective on the project

Show Notes

This was the 2nd time that I spoke with Arjun Singh (Kamloops City Councillor) on my podcast. First time was as Red Beard before Mustache & Go existed and now Mustache & Go no longer exists, so we met in the converted Leon Johns… 5 Bean Brew Bar. 

We chat about the Kamloops Centre for the Arts ins a very casual way to start a healthy discourse about the project as there is a very polarizing view on Facebook… I am not even going to say “Social Media” because Kamloops isn’t very active on other platforms… or at least Kamloopsians who would be able to vote in the upcoming referendum. 

If you are campaigning for or against the PAC, I hope you have the confidence to meet me for coffee or chat on my public Facebook posts tagged #KAMiPAC so that I can understand your point of view, cause I got questions. I hope you got answers. 


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