The E.S.C. Hatch

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This show is about Truth, as is every show. Covering blockchain an the A.G.A.P.E. System

Show Notes

This show is about Truth, as is every show, but the full concept of what the basis for an ESC Hatch is about. This was recorded In Adin, CA, from the Haven of Rest. We headed up to the clearest skies in the country on Mt. Shasta and the surrounding countryside. My youngest son has a telescope, and we cannot get good views in the Bay area, so we are checking out the son's telescope and the stars and planets. Not sure if we will make it back in time to do a Sunday night show, so this is the stand in for that possibility.

What is The E.S.C. Hatch ?

Your exit stage left or right to neutral safe territory where all is founded on the simple Truth of Life, which is, the Requirement of Life, is its Death. From there, we explore fun, ourselves, each other, and even that thing over there, you know the one. That Guy gave it to us. You know! The One., The one with the face. I'll never forget him. Good Ol' What's His Name...