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The A-Z of Self-Esteem. A short and simple thing to do today and feel better about yourself!

Show Notes

I am famous for simplifying things! As an educator since the last 15 years, I have always been told by my students; 10 years, 15 years and even 35 years of age that I can really take a difficult concept make it simple and put a visual in front of them! So here I am trying to do the same in my podcasts. Even though you are just hearing me, I promise you will be able to picture every word I am saying! My first season is the A-Z of Self-Esteem: how to feel good, put your best foot forward and conquer your goals within your timeline! You can get more tips on life on my page:
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What is THE A-Z OF LIFE?

I am Sidhika Goenka, a strengths-focused psychologist, parenting expert, educator, teacher-trainer and a professional storyteller. I am also a certified happiness coach and hold a MSP and NLP diploma. I am a proud mommy of three. I believe life should be kept simple, and A-Z's can be our navigators, leading us where to direct our energy and bring out the best in ourselves.
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