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Today, we’re joined by Nick Mulholland, the President and Founder of Tech Gofer to discuss how he built his consulting firm, got clients, and gained their trust.

Show Notes

Nick Mulholland has spent almost two decades working with businesses and providing them with solutions that confront significant challenges. In this time he’s gained a lot of experience in finance, sales, and tech, and has amassed a wealth of knowledge that he uses to solve big problems. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Consulting with Authority:

  • How Nick went from working in telecom sales to starting his own consulting firm
  • The ways Tech Gofer helps their customers be better at their jobs
  • How Tech Gofer is able to offer its services without charging its clients
  • The process Tech Gofer goes through when consulting with a new client
  • The benefits of having invested interest in your client’s success
  • Business development strategies that Tech Gofer has in place


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What is Consulting with Authority?

The Consulting with Authority podcast is for consultants looking to establish themselves as an authority in their space to easily attract high-value clients.