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Last but not least, Luke becomes a guest on the show and submits himself to Kieran and Rory's questioning. Hear about Luke's musical childhood, how he became fascinated by the piano accordion at the age of four, and the musical development that lead him to become a multi-instrumentalist as well as a recording engineer and producer.

Show Notes

It's Luke's turn in the Lamplight hot seat as he becomes the last of the show's trio of hosts to become a guest on his own podcast. The show opens with a swing jazz interpretation of the theme song, arranged and recorded by Luke. In lieu of the usual poem, Kieran (along with some help from friend-of-the-show, "Famous" Dave Flynn) presents a version of Pat Shortt's "Jumbo Breakfast Role", rewritten to run through some of the instruments Luke plays...and take a dig over the ones he doesn't.

Luke's musical childhood is the focus of the first part of the show where he tells us how he became fascinated by the piano accordion at the age of four, inspired by the music of Foster & Allen. Hear about a childhood spent performing at various functions around the country and about how Luke started his recording career at the age of six. Kieran and Rory, having thoroughly done their research, play a clip of six-year-old Luke singing "Red Haired Mary".

The conversation moves on as the lads discuss how Luke's one instrument turned into many more while Luke talks about his own limitations as well as the advantages of being a multi-instrumentalist when it comes to being a music producer. Luke talks about his time in college and how his experiences with the Maynooth Drama Society and his social development were as much a part of his college education as his course.

Luke discusses songwriting, outlining what he likes in a song and how it feeds into his own writing. We hear one of Luke's original songs, "Dancing Lucy".

Kieran asks Luke about a song Rory performed two episodes previously, a brand-new arrangement of Hozier's "Movement". Kieran asks Luke to break down his though process and workflow when it comes to taking an arrangement from an idea and turning it into a finished, polished recording. The lads discuss musicianship and the value of of picking your spots and self-discipline when performing live or in the studio.

Wrapping up, the guys discuss their work on Kieran's show, "Not A Theme Night". With part one of the show having already been broadcast, the lads reflect on the feeling of sending work out into the world.

The show finishes up with another original from Luke which was featured in part one of "Not A Theme Night", a song called "The Ballad of Puss In Boots".

What is In The Lamplight?

Brand-new podcast from Kieran Quinn, Luke Devaney and Rory Maitland featuring weekly special guests, live musical performances and in-depth conversations.