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Emma Wells, a successful coach, leader, business owner, and educator from the UK, shares her journey and experiences in the tennis industry. She discusses her early experiences in coaching and how she fell in love with tennis at a young age. On this podcast episode, she shares how she built her own successful business by focusing on branding and creating a unique customer experience wile also creating a positive team culture. Together with Kim Bastable and Simon Gale, Emma discusses the challenges of hiring in the UK due to Brexit and the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce.

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Tennis in Wimbledon Park and Roehampton

Episode Highlights
  • Building a strong brand and creating a unique customer experience are essential for success in the tennis industry.
  • Managing people and holding them accountable is crucial for maintaining a positive team culture and driving the business forward.
  • The impact of Brexit and COVID-19 has presented challenges in hiring and maintaining a workforce.
  • Inspiring women and promoting female leadership in tennis is important for creating a more diverse and inclusive industry.
  • Constantly absorbing experiences and learning is key to personal and professional growth in the tennis industry.
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What is Racquet Fuel?

Racquet Fuel provides insights into the best practices and innovations of racquets industry business leaders.

Co-hosts Kim Bastable, Director of Professional Tennis Management at the University of Florida, and Simon Gale, Director of Racquet Sports at the USTA National Campus, help racquets leaders in your ability to grow the game and to improve the experiences you offer to both your staff and players by talking to industry leaders, including USTA executives, authors and innovators. If you are on a career path in racquet sports or already a racquets business leader and you want to stay up to date on ideas and innovations in racquets industry business and leadership, this podcast is for you.

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