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Bound loosely with insecurity, and waving over the mishandled past. Enjoy the crucifixion of complacency.

Show Notes

♥ Slidempty

Slip out & decay. Stay warm beneath shrouding doubt.
I am cold and bare and unfamiliar. I have woken but remained translucent. 
Slip out & dissolve. Comfort and need and hope dwindle and renew.
My future former misdirected self-inflicted flippancy. Turns on me.
Slip out & pulled under. Bundled in fear and the current that threatens.
I will not trust this, another phantasm, with fickle fanaticism--all thorough.
Slip out, slip up, full on and relent. With a temptress and blind. Full rage and dissonance.
Has this been a misdirecting self-fulfilling lie?
Re-live, renew. Slip out and decay. Turn, turn, turn, turn. Revisit this pathway.
Bundled within the mesh of false security, of re-doubled affectations. 
Held warmly and wounded with misappropriated reckonings.
Bound loosely with insecurity, with the affronted self-doubt bred by righteous nightmarish anxiety.
Shuffled together with examinations, with your desire--I sense it--to live fully.
But we're caught within broken lusts.
Within envy.
This our warm place.
Slip out. Brought low and real and raw to climb up.
With flawless grace-filled submission, and veering difficulty; let's open our eyes.
Slip out. Re-arranged within the undertow.
I am empty. To live, to be used. Refueled.
I am sediment. Grow.
A vessel. Believe.
Flippant animals. Relent.
More, more more. Addict; fulfill.

Slidempty was written, recorded and produced by Eamonn Cottrell. Image used with permission from unsplash.

♠ fna show

  • the fna show is brought to you in part by consecrated consciousness and the crucifixion of complacency. More is being revealed. More will be revealed

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What is the fna show?

fna is an aural excursion through thought. it is an experiment in sound and idea. it is a terrible champion. listen at risk. fear to listen. crucify complacency.