ATD Houston: Train To Win

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ATD Houston 2019 Tech Conference Speaker Kevin Siegel hosts a hands-on session to improve online classes, and why you should register for the conference at

Show Notes

Join Kevin Siegel at the ATD Houston 2019 Tech Conference - Transform Learning - in Houston, TX on May 2, 2019.
Register at

End Sucky Online Classes Forever!

Tips, Tricks, and Tactics for Engaging Live, Online Students

 In an attempt to save training money on travel, many organizations are requiring trainers to teach live, online classes via virtual classroom platforms like GoTo Training, Zoom, WebEx, and Connect. Unfortunately, trainers are ill-equipped to take their “training act” online and the result is a sucky training initiative.

 Why do so many live, online classes suck? The number-one failure of online trainers is the inability to engage their virtual students. The result? Students tune out and often times multi-task instead of fully participating in the training.

 This session will teach and demonstrate proven engagement techniques that will improve the virtual experience for both the trainer and the student.

Tactics for Ending the Suckiness: 

  • Learn about the hardware and software you’ll need to host virtual classes (and what it will cost you).
  • Learn about the top virtual training platforms including WebEx, Connect, and GoTo Training.
  • Learn some sure-fire techniques for getting virtual classes started on the right foot (make a great first impression).
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with virtual students.
  • Learn how to encourage—and even demand—participation
*Note: This is a hands-on, interactive session (no sucky, boring lecture here). A Registration URL will be provided well before the conference. During the session, attendees can enter the virtual classroom and experience online learner engagement first-hand while the concepts are discussed.

What is ATD Houston: Train To Win?

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