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Joseph Lewin is the Director of Demand Generation at Proofpoint Marketing & the Host of The Strategic Marketer Podcast.

Joseph grows companies by clarifying messaging and delivering a relationship-driven revenue pipeline. His career changed the day he started a podcast and focused on LinkedIn.

Now he uses what he's learned to help companies build trusted relationships with their ideal buyers.

Listen to the episode with Joseph to find out how to craft effective messaging. It'll help you deliver a relationship-driven revenue pipeline. Learn how to grow in your career through personal branding and podcasting!

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Show Notes

Here are some of the key topics that Joseph and Paris discussed in this episode:

• (3:10) Account-based marketing vs. building relationships at scale
• (5:21) How to differentiate your brand
• (7:12) What Is relationship enablement?
• (9:37) Testing with paid search or paid social?
• (11:44) How to measure the success of your paid social copy
• (14:04) Is podcasting beneficial for B2B companies?
• (18:10) What are the skills of a great marketer?
• (23:03) How to establish credibility as a podcast host
• (29:08) 3 Tips for building a personal brand
• (31:27) How to grab people's attention on social media
• (32:08) The psychology behind how people buy
• (34:57) Pricing: the positioning tool many B2B marketers forget about

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Creators & Guests

Paris Childress
Founder & CEO of Hop Online, Performance Marketing Agency | Ex-Googler
Aleksandra Balkanska
Podcast Marketing Operations | Marketing Specialist of Hop Online
Desislava Arnaudova
Podcast Marketing Operations Manager | Marketing Specialist of Hop Online

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