Cree and Coffee with the Crazy Crees

Andrea Custer and Charlotte Ross have a lively discussion about their podcast and how they got their name. They also discuss the different Cree dialects and Silent Speakers.

Show Notes

In this first episode of Cree and Coffee with the Crazy Crees, Andrea Custer and Charlotte Ross introduce themselves and explain how Cree and Coffee got started and how it got its name. They also share their plans for future shows, exploring topics like how language changes. Another topic they want to explore is the phenomenon of “silent speakers” – people who understand their language but don’t speak their language. They are excited to learn from people who are doing work in the languages: Plains Cree, Swampy Cree, Rock Cree and other dialects in the province. The show ends with a funny story told by Andrea about what happened when priests taught the people about praying to God and Jesus for things they want, and what happened when they chose one man to fly up to heaven to speak on their behalf. Ekosi

What is Cree and Coffee with the Crazy Crees?

Charlotte Ross and Andrea Custer are both strong advocates for language revitalization. Through their podcast, they will discuss many topics including the importance of language, Silent Speakers and further education.