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Wellness practices are becoming more and more popular as modalities to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain. Today on The Wellness Creator Podcast, we are joined by the founder of Yoga For Migraine, Adriane Dellorco to talk about how she has helped her clients ease their migraines with yoga. 
Tuning in, you’ll hear all about our guest’s background and passion for wellness, how her online business has transformed since the pandemic, the benefits of mind/body approaches to chronic pain, how she collaborates and continues to learn, and much more! 
We then delve into some information about Adriane’s signature offer before she tells us what has surprised us most about her business and where she would like to see its growth in the next five years. 
Finally, we talk all things social media and where Adriane places her focus in terms of content. Thanks for listening in!

Key Points From This Episode:
  • Introducing Adriane Dellorco, an overview of her life, and how she got into wellness. 
  • How her business has evolved since the pandemic. 
  • The growth in awareness of mind/body approaches to chronic pain and the benefits of that. 
  • How Adriane collaborates with other leaders in the wellness field and continues to learn. 
  • Advice for wellness business owners about collaborating with brands. 
  • She tells us about her signature offer, what it looks like, and how it benefits her clients. 
  • Why the transformative nature of her work has surprised Adriane most in her career. 
  • Where Adriane wants to see her business in the next five years. 
  • Adriane’s advice for social media content and how she handles it. 
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