Blue Rose Task Force: A Twin Peaks Obsessive Podcast

With Wisteria on its way back into production, it’s a good time to look back on the often-forgotten Twin Peaks spin-off sitcom, Twin Peaks: Las Vegas.  This episode collects every episode of Rumination Radio Network’s Dougie Love Podcast, for the audience of Blue Rose Task Force Podcast. 

00:00 Intro
03:46 Episode 1 finds its top gear
13:51 Dougie needs a good night’s sleep in Episode 2
23:42 Episode 3 defuses lawsuits and makes friends
34:22 Episode 4 is a shaggy dog story
41:43 Episode 5 gets Janey-E a little (a lot!) jealous
51:08 Episode 6 rubs your back and feeds you pie
1:03:21 Sonny Jim finds help in Episode 7
1:14:54 Something Philip this way comes
1:28:46 The frogbug that came to dinner
1:38:56 Yes, Sonny Jim, there is a Krampus
1:50:53 Be my valentine, Sonny Jim

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Creators & Guests

John Bernardy

What is Blue Rose Task Force: A Twin Peaks Obsessive Podcast?

25YL Media and Ruminations Radio Network present John Bernardy & Elle Holgate in a spoiler laced, coffee-fueled, Twin Peaks podcast that dives deep into history and theory.