International Voices with Udo Fluck

April 2021: Annita Lucchesi, founding Executive Director of the Sovereign Bodies Institute, who started the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls movement. This dialogue is being presented by two women with Indigenous heritage! The guest host for this special edition of International Voices, is Michelle Guzman, the Director of American Indian Student Services at the University of Montana.

What is International Voices with Udo Fluck?

International Voices with Udo Fluck, is a podcast series presented by Arts Missoula and the Missoula Broadcasting Company, with an emphasis on what is happening in regard to educational and cultural programming and events in the Missoula community. Udo Fluck, Director of Arts Missoula Global, welcomes guests each month to inform, connect and engage the local Missoula community and provide a conversational "window" to the world.

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