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In this episode Sally, Chad, and myself talk about the integration of experential learning in trades vocational education.

Show Notes

Episode 25 – Sally and Chad - #2
Experiential Learning – 4 concrete steps for EL
04:30 – experiential learning and the trades
08:00 – concrete learning (lecture)
10:18 – the role of critical thinking
13:30 – reflective and critical learning
15:30 – reflection in action / reflection on action
17:30 – instructors are not necessarily teachers, rather they are guides.
20:30 – create intentional problems for effective reflection
23:45 – we don’t engage in EL because it doesn’t funnel into a MC exam
25:30 – we didn’t pivot, we full-on stall and fall
30:30 – the COVID landscape has exasperated the educational / curriculum gap
32:50 – thanks, Plato!
36:00 – the importance of professional development for Trades Faculty
38:00 – the significance of communities of practice for EdTech in trades
41:25 – competency-based education 
42:20 – regurgitation education
45:00 – EL mixed thoroughly with CBE
47:00 – why are we not reevaluating the way we conduct assessments?
48:15 – outlines do not necessarily produce outcomes
49:45 – the shift from trainer to educator
52:00 – keep the conversations moving through communities of practice
Kolb’s Theory of EL – click here
Learning Styles and EL – click here
Reflecting In and On Action PDF – click here
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