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A surreal descent into a very strange New Years’s party on the eve of 2012.

Show Notes

A surreal descent into a very strange New Years’s party on the eve of 2012. - 

Got a last minute invite to a New Year's Eve party somewhere in the outskirts of Boulder.
I was told it was a wealthy Burning Man crowd. In the hour before I left for the party, I was hanging out with my best friend and his 4 and 7- year-old sons and was immersed in their innocent and magical world of fantasy play. They had a million questions about some of my sci-fi artifacts and had a million things to tell me about the intricate Lego Ninja temple they were building. The invite came in via I Phone and I had to make a quick decision if I wanted to spend an early New Year's Eve with the kids or go to the wealthy Burning Man party.

I decided on the party. All the buses run free in Boulder/Denver New Year’s Eve, and moments from my door a bus filled with excited party-goers was hurtling me down Broadway. The friend who invited me was on the same bus and we got off at a dark and snow-covered street. Three long and very cold blocks. There was the merest scattering of tasteful secular humanist type electric Christmas lights on the expensive homes— strings of colored lights but a pleasing absence of glowing plastic nativity scenes or illuminated Santas. The neighborhood seemed empty, no party sounds from anywhere, the residents apparently wealthy enough to be off in the Caribbean or Christmassing elsewhere.

We entered the house—-some glad handing and introductions. Within the first second or so I had an immunological reaction to the vibe and felt like I had made a dreadful mistake leaving the kids and being here.

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