Record of Service

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Coming October 5, 2021: Tracing stories from the earliest Black settlers to recently arrived Canadians, Strong and Free captures just a few of the crucial stories of Black Canadians thriving and contributing to building this country.

Listen to Strong and Free, a six-part podcast from Historica Canada, produced by Media Girlfriends. Find it wherever you get your podcasts. Because Black history is Canadian history.

Show Notes

The Strong and Free podcast series is part of a larger Black History education campaign created by Historica Canada. Along with the podcast series, Historica Canada offers a video series, an education guide, and several new entries on The Canadian Encyclopedia about Black History in Canada.

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What is Record of Service?

Record of Service, a podcast presented by The Memory Project. In this series, we bring you interviews with Canada’s veterans—their stories of life, loss and service. A new episode every week until November 11.

The Memory Project Speakers Bureau and archive connects veterans and Canadian Forces members with school and community groups from coast to coast. A program of Historica Canada, the Memory Project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

Go to to browse our archive of interviews or to book a speaker for your classroom or community event. If you’re a veteran or an active member of the Canadian Forces, please contact us at to find out how you can become a speaker.