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Author Rochelle Kopp shares what she learned interviewing people affected by Japan's re-entry ban for the Japan Times, and probably credits the buoys for getting Abe to lift that ban.

Show Notes

Author Rochelle Kopp shares what she learned interviewing people affected by Japan's re-entry ban for the Japan Times, and probably credits the buoys for getting Abe to lift that ban.

Ollie recommends a river boat business that might not stop for you unless you hold up a sign that says "Nihongo OK." Bobby asks hard questions about a boat that is taking a weird approach to a subsequent wave.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:
  • Our favorite way to find out when other gaijin we hate are leaving
  • Why Ollie is getting extra value out his masks and LESS value out of his personal grooming items
  • What item in a tray of raw meat looks most like Ollie's chin
  • How Japanese razor company "Feather" clearly didn't listen to our episode on sustainability 
  • Japan's new "no free bag policy" in practice
  • Ollie's awesome and now largely irrelevant language hack for avoiding bags
  • Another, cheaper way to avoid having to get a bag
  • What Rochelle thinks about the rising covid figures, in light of our last discussion about how well Japan was doing with it
  • One POSITIVE effect Rochelle has identified of the rising second wave
  • How upset Bobby is that the Japan Times Staffers aren't answering his emails
  • Abe's announcement about the gradual lifting of the re-entry ban, and what he did or did NOT actually say
  • Who is still left out in the cold by the entry policies 
  • The ways in which people and some countries are protesting these policies
  • French consultant and influencer Lily's experience trying to get back to France for her father's funeral
  • How the experience has affected what Lily thinks about her future in Japan, and the respect that Japan fails to accord her as a resident
  • The relatability of her story
  • Does the Japanese culture of sacrificing personal life for a greater good tie into a lack of empathy around going home to see family, or is it just that they didn't take foreign residents into account?
  • Visas for musical artists and the outrage about them
  • Insights from Rochelle's interviews that she wanted to use in the article
  • The privilege of BEING ABLE to decide that you don't want to seek life and employment in Japan, and the potential consequences for non-skilled foreign labor that don't have that privilege
  • How Japan has ruined all of the work it did to try and attract foreign investments
  • Is shooting yourself in the foot the new harakiri?
  • Go To Travel
Topics discussed in the extras:
  • Rochelle's experience with the transition to Kitakyushuu's all online classes 
  • How online teaching can further hamper class participation
  • WHY live online teaching can create an unfair learning environment for students
  • What Japanese companies and universities are trying to do to ensure equitability 
  • How online learning makes it easier to cheat/dodge classes
  • The point at which having someone take a test for you becomes counterproductive
  • creative zoom techniques that we have seen other people do online
  • Rochelle's thought on Go To Travel
  • Japan using English to Name their Stuff without being able to speak English
  • Travel Trouble
  • Bobby's conflicted opinions about the travel subsidies
  • How and why Ollie likes to deny Bobby's identity
  • Why Japan should not have jumped the gun, and listened to the epidemiologists
  • How those same epidemiologists are saying that it seems like we're most likely to get through this
  • What Rochelle thinks about herd immunity and vaccines for Covid-19
  • Our horrible visions of the future for humanity
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