Business as an Adventure

Join us for a chat with award-winning, hilarious, and down-right awesome photographers Jesse and Moira La Plante, from J.La Plante Photography out of Colorado.

In this episode, we discuss:
~ Ideal clients
~ Seth Godin
~ Insane Clown Posse
~ Staying sane while working as a husband & wife team
~ Half-assing vs. whole-assing
~ Why candid family photos > than posed family portraits
~ Specialization vs. diversification
~ The challenge of not repeating a shoot
~ Skydiving
~ Taking inspiration from our dentist
~ Calvin Coolidge

What is Business as an Adventure?

An interview podcast for photographers and other creative entrepreneurs to get to know how the best in our industries are getting it done. We talk about marketing, sales, SEO, practice, vulnerability, personal struggles and everything inbetween.