Roll for Nerd

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The group is left to deal with the aftermath of the Brother Felix Incident. Clues in empty graves pull the group further into the mystery.

Show Notes

- The group deals with the aftermath of the Brother Felix incident
- The group investigates the cemetery and sets up camp for the night
- Sylfir uses his watch to investigate noises in the cemetery
- Zin lets his curiosity and meddling mind get the best of him
- Brother Felix learns more about his past
- The group follows a lead away from Winterborne
- Zin sniffs out an attempted ambush
- Brother Felix loses control for a second time
- The group pushes on to complete their task
- Sylfir creates a distraction to buy Zin some time

What is Roll for Nerd?

A podcast where noobs talk about (and play) dungeons and dragons.