Conversion Cast

Today we talk local search rank tracking and AI. My guest is David Hunter, CEO at Local Falcon and Epic Web Studios.

David has been an agency owner for over 15 years offering web development, SEO and digital marketing services. He also manages Local Falcon, a Google maps (and now Apple Maps too!) rank tracking software tool delivering visual ranking results across an entire city.

David and I discuss Google, local SEO, rank tracking, their metrics like SoLV (share of local voice), and how their new AI feature is helping provide suggestions to help businesses rank better with their Google Business Profile. 

Creators & Guests

Aaron Weiche
Cofounder & CEO of Leadferno
David Hunter
CEO at Local Falcon & Epic Web Studios

What is Conversion Cast?

Exploring the art and science of conversion in digital marketing. Expert guests join host Aaron Weiche to discuss turning lurkers to leads, and browsers to buyers. Learn about SEO, local SEO, SMS, email, content, social, analytics, and more to win right now.