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Fr. Luke Veronis shares how one church changed its scarcity mindset to one of abundance. The Sts. Constantine and Helen Church celebrated its centennial by trusting in the Lord's provision, distributing thousands in cash among their parishioners to give to those in need.

Show Notes

Fr. Luke Veronis shares the story of how his parish trusted in the Lord's provision. Rather than clinging to the last few resources dwindling from their bank account, they accepted the challenge to "Be the Church" by sharing the resources God had provided to global, national, and local missions and ministries.  A few years later, as the Church approached its centennial celebration, they invested the Lord's provision by distributing $30,000 cash among their parishioners and sent them to the highways and byways to give to those in need.  

Fr. Luke bases his ministry on the Lord's word to Abram found in Genesis 12:2, "I will bless you, so that you will be a blessing." 

What is Doulos?

The Doulos podcast explores servant leadership in an Orthodox Christian context.