How They Get Stuff Done

How can you optimize your cooking and nutrition with project-management skills? What’s working in research, having a PhD, like? Why should you consider a plant-based diet?

Show Notes

“It was always in the back of my mind: what am I going to do for dinner? … Having what I’m going to cook sorted out releases my mental energy.”

Brigitte Gemme is a researcher by training. She has a PhD in sociology and she worked at the intersection of government, universities, and industry, particularly on the topic of natural resource management in Canada. These days, however, Brigitte does something completely different: she offers a vegan meal-planning service. 

I met Brigitte a few years ago when she and I were both starting our online businesses. I wanted to chat and catch up with her because she left her research career and has such a different life now, running a small online business. It was particularly interesting to me because Brigitte’s work involves vegan food and I am vegan myself.

Brigitte and I discuss:
  • What working in research and in a large organization was like
  • How you can optimize your cooking and nutrition with project-management skills
  • Why you should consider a plant-based diet
And much more. Enjoy the show!

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