Passive Investing from Left Field

Show Notes

Being a successful business owner and entrepreneur can be exciting – until you realize you end up giving half of your money back to the government. Our guest today, Dave Zook, used his tax burden as motivation to find a better way and now has a proven track record of successful investments. In this episode, he shares how he turned his interest in mitigating his tax liability into a business helping other investors reduce their taxes through passive real estate syndications. Dave and Jim Pfeifer discuss many of the different asset classes Dave offers as investments through The Real Asset Investor – including the newest opportunity, car washes. Listen in to learn about new asset classes and how real estate can be a vehicle for tax protection. 

What is Passive Investing from Left Field?

We are building a community of investors who are interested in acquiring real assets that produce real cash flow. Our community is focused on networking and education to help people invest passively and think differently. We will be interviewing syndication sponsors, passive investors and others who will share their passive investing journey as they pursue financial freedom.