Team Up! Team-based primary and community care in action

Show Notes

In this teamBIT Morgan is expressing gratitude for you listening and talking about how you can try a "micro-gratitude" activity at work to build resilience and improve team cohesion.

Gratitude can be a simple yet effective way to build resilience and while it can feel “soft”, there is a lot of science to back it up.

Recognize your Primary Care Team
Also we want to invite you to share some gratitude or recognition for your own team. If you have a story, as a patient, of something that your primary care team did, we are collecting stories to share in an upcoming episode. Leave us a voice mail.

What is Team Up! Team-based primary and community care in action?

A podcast that brings together primary care providers, healthcare planners, patients, innovators and others to talk about the changes that are happening in primary care in British Columbia.