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Episode 81 of All Things TechIE Podcast was recorded on Bank Holiday Monday 7th August.

In this episode:

Twitter has undergone a major rebranding, now known as The iconic Twitter bird logo has been replaced with a flashy x, reflecting owner Elon Musk's affinity for the letter. Musk has ambitious plans to transform Twitter into a multi-purpose app similar to China's WeChat. We'll discuss the implications and challenges faced during this rebranding process.

Google Maps introduces a game-changing feature combining street view and aerial images to create a highly detailed data model of the world. Discover bike lanes, sidewalks, intersections, parking, and even find information on air quality and weather changes along your routes. Join us as we unpack the incredible technology behind this innovation.

WhatsApp is introducing Telegram-like video messages, enabling users to send one-minute video clips to their friends. Secure and end-to-end encrypted, this feature will be available to all users in the coming weeks. We'll discuss how WhatsApp, Telegram, and Snapchat are expanding their video message capabilities and the impact it may have on communication.

Lastly, let's dive into a thought-provoking topic on children's smartphone usage. With smartphone usage among children under 16 on the rise globally, different regions are approaching this issue differently. From proposed restrictions in China to varying approaches elsewhere, we'll explore the potential effects and discuss whether limitations on mobile phone usage for children are necessary.

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