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This week Anna is joined by CEO of Ingenious Probiotics about what represents an explosion in the science of healthy bacteria.  We discuss probiotics in an external environment rather than an internal one. Based on our knowledge, albeit recent and expanding, we understand the vital role of probiotics as balancing bacteria in our microbiome. Joe discusses how we can use probiotics as a cleaning product to kill pathogens indoors with out adding chemicals. Too many chemicals in the home environment can make your indoor environment 100 times more toxic than outdoors. The issue with dogs is that the explore the world nose first, and sadly overtime many chemicals used in the home leach / off gas very toxic ‘endocrine disruptors’ that can play havoc at a cellular level. Choosing a more natural option to work symbiotically with nature can also be used to clean ears, remove tear stains, and clean teeth. Joe talks about the range of products from shampoos to sprays for the coat. Thinking about how the enzymes also work we discuss how the the probiotics actually work to keep good bacteria in the environment and react accordingly to the pathogens in the environment. As an emerging science , this episode clarifies we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of probiotics in the context of us having lived in a very sterile world.

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