Future Sight with Capgemini Invent

Our latest episode truly probes the frontier of tech and innovation. We’ve spoken about quantum computing before on this show – now get ready for a much deeper dive.  
Our guests – Richard Padbury from IBM Quantum and Sam Genway from Capgemini Quantum Lab – explain the differences between quantum and traditional computing,  
and discuss the topic of quantum-centric supercomputing. Later, they explore topics including: 
  • Quantum-centric R&D (QDDRD) and how it fits into the larger field of chemistry and material science research  
  • How QDDRD accelerates that research, including examples of recent breakthroughs 
  • The potential applications of these technologies in various fields 
  • Challenges that researchers are facing 

    This podcast is brought to you by Capgemini Invent. This episode is hosted by Kary Bheemaiah, lead by Afashan Sayyed and produced by Thomas O'Mahony.

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What is Future Sight with Capgemini Invent?

Every day business and technology move forward at a rapid rate, it becomes increasingly important to explore new ways to adapt and grow for the future. Being up to date on the latest technology is important but not enough for you to get the future you want; more important is understanding and anticipating what’s coming next.

Future Sight is your guide to that journey. We bring industry-leading experts together to unpack a new way of thinking around the challenges we're facing today that will affect tomorrow. We dig into the issues that they and their industries are facing and break down the need to know actionable approaches and strategic insight that will help plot what's next for you and your business.