Level up faster, be a great lead developer, and beat burnout as your grow in your career. Amor Muto joins us to give us tools to beat the Imposter Complex and the Fear of Success as Software Developers.

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Are you tired of feeling like an impostor? Do you feel like you've been holding yourself back for too long? That you are missing out on growth opportunities because you don't feel confident enough?

We believe you can be happy AND grow in your career. No need to sacrifice one to get the other. But to get there, you need as many tools and support as you can get.

In this episode, Amor Muto shares strategies to help you beat Burnout, Fear of Success and Imposter Complex.

About our guest
Amor Muto is a Certified Professional Coach with a vast knowledge and experience on the imposter complex, leadership and fear of success, especially with Software Developers. He is a tetraplegic entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience. Purpose-driven to make burnout a thing from the past.

Show Notes

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