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Jim Lang and Larry Simpson interview Ontario Women’s Driving Championship participant Maggie Jones who talks about her involvement with the Driving Series, her attachment to the charity that the women are driving for, Harness the Hope and how she became involved in harness racing ; Woodbine Thoroughbred Jockey Sheena Ryan, who talks about her rehabilitation process from a training accident at Woodbine during the Spring, how her injury is also affecting her Yoga business, a timetable of when she may return to riding and the possible need of the racing industry looking at inflatable safety vests that motorcycle racers are currently wearing; and Ajax Downs Quarter horse rider Brian Bell, who reflects on his life as a jockey, the difference between a Thoroughbred and Quarter horse jockey and talks about the best horse he ever rode. Larry also provides his ‘Ponies Picks of the Day’ selections for several North American racetracks.

Key Points:
• Maggie Jones talks about her diagnosis of Breast Cancer and the importance behind her of driving in the Ontario Women’s Driving Championship, the significance of the Harness the Hope charity, how she became interested in horses and driving harness horses , her first win and the fact that she is also a Professor at Georgian College.
• Sheena Ryan discusses her backstretch injury in the Spring and the injuries suffered, her rehabilitation process and timelines on when she will be hopefully back riding. She also talks about her Yoga business and how she expects to start back online very shortly, and the potential of an inflatable motorcycle vest which could possibly be used by jockeys to prevent some serious injuries.
• Brian Bell talks about his riding career in Quarter horse racing, the best horse he ever rode that never finished out of the money in a career that spanned 37 races, the various Quarter horse tracks across North America that he has ridden at and his ties to Thoroughbred racing.

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